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Brief introduction to acceptance standard of coater
From:Haofan   Date:2019-11-20
Mechanical parts
1, horizontal: each transfer roller horizontal, steel roller jump within 2 microns.
2. Appearance of roller: smooth transfer roller, no scratch on blade
3. Oven temperature: error ±3 ° c; The fluctuation is ±3 degrees.
4. Air expansion axis: normal air charging and discharging.
5. Both sides have the same expansion force.
Product inspection
1. The matrix is wrinkle-free and does not run.
2. Whether the speed meets the maximum value.
3, gap: 5mm width can be coated within.
4. Large pieces: accessories and empty foil error ±1mm, longitudinal thickness fluctuation ±3 microns, transverse thickness fluctuation ±3 microns, head and tail thickness error -8~+3 microns (within 5mm width), head and tail trailing within 1mm,
5. Oven: it can be dried at 5m/min.
6. Alignment error: ±1mm.
7. large appearance: can not tilt.

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