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Address:Zhenbei Road No.1, Huangtu Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,China
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Wuxi Haofan Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in June,2006. It is located in Huangtu Town that called West Gate of city of Jiangyin and the birthplace of Liangzhu Culture. It is around with a beautiful landscape and good developed traffic. The company covers an area of 22 thousand square meters with construction area of 18 thousand square meters. Which equipped with fully standardized workshops and reasonable layout, it also has a advanced coating laminating laboratory. It contains with more than 100 sets of equipment such as Machining center, Longmen boring and milling ,large and medium-sized equipment etc. It has a team of more than 100 people engaged in professional R&D , manufacturing and sales, and more than 20 people of engineering and technical personnel included...
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