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Hot melt adhesive industry standards formally implemented, to fill the gaps in the industry
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      In April 1, 2017, People's Republic of China Ministry of industry and information technology issued the low temperature injection molding packaging hot melt adhesive industry standard (hereinafter referred to as "standard"), standard number HG/T 5051-2016 officially implemented. Standard specifications of the hot melt adhesive in low-pressure injection molding package of the various indicators of the market segments, to fill the gaps in national standards and industry standards.
      Hot melt adhesive and low pressure injection molding process
      The development of low pressure injection molding process for original wire harness protection in the automotive industry, packaging protection has been widely used in automotive electronics, wearable devices, intelligent Home Furnishing, 4G/5G communications industry core electrical and electronic components and products to help improve reliability, maintain properties such as a. Polyamide hot-melt adhesive (hereinafter referred to as hot melt adhesive) as the raw material of low-pressure injection molding process, has a direct impact on the packaging effect and the quality of terminal products.
      The standard by China (601857) Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, GB/T 1.1-2009 drafted in accordance with the rules, from 5 aspects named classification, technical requirements, test methods, test rules, packaging and labeling transportation and storage of specific standards, adhesive by the National Standardization Technical Committee, is Guoneishoubu for low-pressure injection with heat adhesive industry standard. Shanghai Institute of light industry, Shanghai rubber products research institute, Shanghai chemical industry, new materials, Suzhou Connie electronic Polytron Technologies Inc co drafting units for the standard.
      The standard plays a good role in regulating the market
      Standard in April 1, 2017 formally implemented, in the production, inspection, use and so on, will be hot melt adhesive industry play a good market regulation. Once the parties have accepted and adopted the standard, it becomes a technical basis for all parties to abide by, and is legally binding. As the technical language and technical basis of hot melt adhesive industry, the standard plays an important role in ensuring product quality, enhancing market confidence, promoting commodity circulation and maintaining fair competition.
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