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Hot melt adhesive high-speed interrupted coating gun
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      The utility model relates to a high speed discontinuous stop smearing gun with an anti suction hot melt adhesive, and the main structure comprises a main body, an air inlet mechanism and a glue supplying mechanism. The cavity in the main body is a circular cross section, and a coating nozzle is arranged at the bottom of the colloid, and a thimble and a sealing pad are arranged in the cavity, and the first air cavity, the second air cavity, the hot melt cavity and the reverse suction cavity are arranged in turn. The thimble is fixed on the top of a piston, the piston is arranged between the first cavity and the second cavity gas gas, and the thimble is sheathed with a spring; coating back suction cavity diameter is slightly larger than the cavity to be coated hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive to be sprayed and located below and to be sprayed hot melt coating chamber, suction cavity and the bottom of the coating nozzle is communicated with the lower end of the valve body; the thimble back suction diameter slightly larger than the thimble, anti smoking body located in the coating anti suction cavity, suction valve body and connected by the diameter of the cone thimble gradient, anti smoking body is larger than the diameter of the hot melt adhesive to be coated cavity.
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