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Some technical parameters of hot melt adhesive are introduced
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
Hot melt adhesive can be used for various types of high-end hardcover book cover, gift boxes, photo album. Hot melt adhesive scent, strong adhesion, good fluidity, use clean effect, folding resistance, fast drying; hot melt due to low water content, can solve the case making deformation, easy to produce the crisp, foaming phenomenon, the corrosion of the machine will not. Hot melt adhesive coating is only half of the ordinary glue. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of thermoplastic adhesive material with polymer as its main body, which is solidified under the condition of melting and solidified after cooling. It is one hundred percent solid at room temperature.
The main hot melt adhesive Related words are: hot melt heat resistance: refers to hot melt adhesive in conjunction with the material can withstand the maximum temperature.
Hot melt adhesive thermoplastic: with thermoplastic relative is thermosetting, thermoplastic is in heating or cooling effect, can be repeated melting and solidification of the nature.
The anti-aging property of hot melt adhesive: aging resistance means the degree of adhesive strength or adhesive force changes with time in the process of storage at normal temperature.
Hot melt adhesive thermal stability: thermal stability refers to the glue material long-term withstand high temperature ability.
Hot melt adhesive low temperature resistance: hot melt adhesive at low temperature still good bonding strength or adhesion ability.
Softening point of hot melt adhesive: when hot melt adhesive material is soft and close to flowing temperature during heating.
Hot melt viscosity: fluid liquidity indicators, high viscosity, poor liquidity. Hot melt adhesive is related to fluid properties, temperature, concentration, shear rate and so on.
Hot melt adhesive opening time: refers to the glue from the glue until the surface still can bond the maximum time interval of the material, glue in the opening time to have good bonding effect. And glue, temperature, base material, coating quantity and so on.
The curing time of hot melt glue is pressed into the base material to form the strong bonding of the shortest time.
The cohesive force of hot melt adhesive: the microscopic view of the strength of hot melt adhesive, which is similar to tensile strength.
Drawing: hot melt hot melt adhesive coating head from the transfer to the substrate in the hot melt adhesive tail filaments, its properties, and hot melt adhesive and coating method on temperature.
Renovation of hot melt adhesive: general rough repair and finishing, is facing on residual glue and cleaning up after more than the edge of the process.
The cutting of hot melt adhesive: cutting off before sealing edge and cutting off after banding. It is the process of cleaning the front and back sides of edge banding tape.
Hot melt adhesive polishing: for the upper and lower polishing, can make the edge tape upper and lower sections of neat and smooth.
Hot melt sealing edge: edge banding tape to the plate process. Dongguan Jobon recommends that users before ordering the hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive in the first self adaptability evaluation of operating environment to purchase different types of hot melt glue does not fully guarantee can be used in the same environment.
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