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Application and description of lipstick cover hot melt adhesive dispenser
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      Cosmetics are commonly used consumer products for women's skin, so the safety requirements of them are relatively high, and they must be safe and pollution-free. Now manufacturers are using hot melt adhesive, replacing the traditional harmful water gel. However, due to a wide variety of cosmetics, small size, artificial dispensing is more troublesome. Hot melt adhesive dispenser with production line can realize automatic dispensing.
      Cosmetics industry used hot melt machine place many, there are cartons, plastic boxes and other packaging, there are lipstick cover, perfume cap, nail polish cover, spray head, bottle body labeling, etc.. Yesterday, 2 foreign customers came to the company to see lipstick cover. The lipstick cover volume is relatively small, only need a glue line adhesive, all Norsen engineers use the existing pipeline platform with hot melt machine to realize the automatic dispensing, dispensing is quite accurate, not drawing, very fast. When the red cap in the process of flow, automatic dispensing, do not need to line to stay, so as to improve the efficiency to a great extent.
      On the same day, the 2 foreign customers quite satisfied with the effect of dispensing, take samples happy back, and second days we have good news. Shenzhen Connaught Sheng company's hot melt adhesive machine technology has been quite mature, and now we can provide you with matching automation equipment, providing you with one-stop service!
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