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The manufacturer pointed out that hot melt adhesive and environmental protection adhesive should be the development direction of adhesive
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      According to reports, environmental protection water-based glue using water as a solvent, hot melt adhesive as a solid glue, without solvents, in theory solved the "toxicity" of this fundamental problem. The solvent-free reactive polyester hot-melt adhesive is crosslinked with moisture or heat to achieve better adhesive strength. As a high performance environmental protection adhesive, hot melt adhesive is the key technology developed by the state in 12th Five-Year.
      Compared with solvent polyurethane glue, it has no solvent, odor, no poison, no pollution, easy cleaning of residual glue, high content of solid, safe and convenient transportation. In the 90s of last century, the environmental regulations of European and American countries became increasingly severe, and waterborne polyurethane adhesives were industrialized. Of course, the production of water-based adhesive properties of higher requirements, such as the requirement of solid content of more than 50%, hydrolysis resistance and so on.
      In recent years, is not conducive to China's export of footwear news are frequent, such as detection of azo, EU phthalate two formic acid and other chemical substances, the EU has become a powerful weapon to resist China footwear. Europe and the United States and other places not only to detect VOC content of footwear products, but also to detect the residue of footwear storage space, and objectively become a technical barrier for footwear exports. For environmental protection water glue has not yet become the mainstream of reality, some manufacturers believe that the cost is not a problem, the key is the shoe-making manufacturers awareness. According to industry analysis, solvent type glue eighty percent to eighty-five for the solvent, the effective solid content is not more than 20%, while the water content of solid glue more than 50%, is 3 times the solvent type glue. The market price of water-based adhesive is about two to two point five times that of solvent glue. Converted, water-based glue is not only expensive, but also cheaper.
      Hot melt adhesive is a kind of middle and high end adhesive. It has higher requirement for product, equipment, technology and process. Tianchuang hot-melt adhesive products production depends on the unique formula and production process of the products, so the corresponding formula and production process is fundamental to maintain the competitive advantage of products. Keep up with international advanced technology development, the main products are independent R & D and production implementation, after ten years of development, the formation of a stable R & D team, provide provide strong support for the sustainable development. Technology and R & D strength are in the leading position in the industry.
      The enterprise will rely on their own made in the field of hot melt adhesive materials technology and market advantages, adhere to the idea of professional development, to create a professional field, quality assurance of thermoplastic adhesive polymer material and its application products. The lead will also use the hot melt adhesive material of the environmental performance and years of sustained investment in the field of accumulation of technology, to achieve environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive material of environmental protection adhesive product replacement, and substitute for localization in the field of high performance of hot melt adhesive materials of multinational enterprises.
      The future will be to technological progress as its development power, through the implementation of active technical reserves, updating and application strategy, a comprehensive grasp of the core elements of the development of hot melt adhesives based product development and application development, the robust expansion around the main industry, and strengthen market guidance and large-scale industry market development, to ensure that the company's leading position in the industry. The company will further strengthen international technical cooperation, further expand the company's overseas business market, and strive to the world first-class professional enterprise goal.
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