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Application of hot melt adhesive spraying coating equipment packaging industry
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
Application of manufacturers: Guangzhou Lonkey industrial Limited by Share Ltd - detergent plant
Packaging: Corrugated Box - - artificial feeding, filling, filling, glue, upper and lower sealing box
Application carton size: 45cm * 23.5cm * 30.5cm
Maximum packing weight: 17.8 kg box
Original packaging process: workers fill the product, sealed with OPP tape machine seal, and then pack belt machine, playing 2 sealing tape
Original production cost: each case is about RMB 0.2 yuan
There are 1. problems: packing belt machine to play with quality is not stable, often need to adjust the strap tension caused by the shutdown; 2. pack carton strength not stable, can only be binding or reinforcement, in the transport process often leads to the carton damaged, damaged or damaged products; 3. pack sealing high cost, not environmental protection.
Due to the existence of the above problems, the plant ITW D yn a TEC decided to try the experiment with hot melt equipment, manual hot melt adhesive spray to the pages of the carton, carton outside the page and sticking to complete sealing process, so a total of 20 cartons and the same products together to return after 1000 kilometers factory inspection, 20 hot melt adhesive sealing carton, carton sealing and old are damaged.
In this test of hot melt adhesive sealing of the factory has agreed, but also put forward a hot melt adhesive cost control problem by hand, glue, excessive and difficult to control the amount of glue and glue graphics, but failed to achieve the purpose of saving cost of manpower (glue quantity is about 8 ~ 10 according to the hot melt adhesive grams, 25 yuan per kilogram, needs 0.2 yuan box). In order to solve the control problem of glue, the factory manual to automatic spray gun, the electric eye and PZC control, supporting the Hongkong gold Co. Ltd.: production line, connected to the production line, achieve production line.
The ITW, D, YN, a, FEC devices and the following:
1. D yn am in I 1 6 foot spray machine; nozzle; 1 M OD P Lu automatic spray gun S4 ZP containing 90 ~ 0.015 and 2 nozzle with 4 solenoid valve; 1 sets of air filter and pressure regulating device; 1 PZC spray program controller, S and SICK photoelectric switch 1 sets of gold; Willis TS - 4ZP packing belt (supporting).
The new process has many advantages:
1. hot melt adhesive position, graphics and amount of glue can be set and controlled by yourself.
2. each box of the upper glue position, graphics and adhesive amount of the same, easy to distinguish between true and false, and control each case of hot melt adhesive costs.
3. packing belt can adjust the length, width and size, suitable for a variety of carton specifications.
4. reduce packaging costs, 2 grams of box with hot glue, cost about 0.05 yuan box.
5. after the hot melt sealing, carton strength than packing belt sealed box strength, resistance to damage increased.
6. hot melt adhesive is environmentally friendly products, suitable for any country packaging entrance requirements.
After the demonstration, it has been carried out for one year, and the equipment has undergone a long 24 hours continuous operation. The hot melt adhesive packing box can meet the requirements in the transportation throughout china.
Thus, the use of hot melt sealing box, not only can strengthen the carton strength, but also can save production costs and improve the competitiveness of products.
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