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Multifunctional coating machine is hot, and election to the right seller rests assured
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      At present, multifunctional coating machine sales in the market is very hopeful. It is learned that the main reason of choosing it because it can use for several purposes from part of the account. It can be coated with release paper, kraft paper, non-woven fabric, metal foil, PVDC, PVA, PE, PE material, BOPP, crepe paper, foam, calendered paper, self-adhesive paper, label paper, plastic film, natural textiles, chemical fiber fabrics, shoes and other materials. It adopts the optimized design according to different product requirements, and makes the equipment function very practical and flexible. What’s more important, it can change the configuration of the equipment according to the customer’s different requirements. Besides, another reason for the popular product has the following characteristics:
       1.Speed and glue supply are taken control by AC, which can be automatically synchronous tracking or manually adjusted;
       2.The temperature control system adopts advanced PID control, and the error is within 1 degrees;
       3.The cooling equipment expands the range of application of the base material;
       4.High precise alloy coating head guarantee high quality of the coating effect ;
       5.Glue melting box is coated with anti sticking coating,which can effectively prevent hot melt adhesive from carbonization;
       6.Equipped with precision metering gear pump, it makes sure the glue supply to be uniform.
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