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The future development trends of environmental friendly water glue and hot melt adhesive
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
     According to reports, environmental friendly water glue is used water as a solvent and melt adhesive as a solid glue without solvents. So it solves the ‘toxicity’ of this fundamental problem theoretically.
     The solvent-free reactive polyester hot melt adhesive is cross-linked with moisture or heat to achieve better adhesive strength. As a high performance environmental friendly adhesive , hot melt adhesive is the key technology developed by the state in 12th Five-Year Plan.
     Compared with solvent polyurethane glue, it has no solvent foul odor, no poison ,no pollution, easy residual glue removal;with advantages of high content of content,safe and convenient transportation. In the 90s of last century, the environmental regulations of European and American countries became increasingly severe,and waterborne polyurethane adhesives were industrialized.
     Of course , the overall properties requirements on the production of water-based adhesive is high ,such as requiring solid content is to more than 50%, hydrolysis resistance etc.
     Currently environmental friendly water glue has not become the mainstream of reality. Li Ruiyang ,vice president of hegemony chemical industry believes that the cost is not a problem and point is about the awareness of shoe-making manufacturers. He analysis that 80%~85% of solvent glue is solvent, the effective solid content is not more than 20%, while the solid content of water glue is over 50% as three times as the solvent glue. Market price about water-based adhesive is about 2~2.5 times of solvent glue. As a result of being converted, water-based glue is not only expensive ,but also cheap.
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