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HF-SD Special Coating Machine For Full-automatic Double Sided Adhesive Tape
Product IntroductionConsultation
Mainly for producing double side Tissue tape,double side foam tape,double side duct tape,double side OPP tape etc.

2.Main Feature
(1)Total machine is controlled by siemens PLC.Control,the coating speed and coating amount are accurately.
(2)A11 adopt Japan Mitsubishi automatic tension control system.
(3)Double side coating at the same time,highly improved the coating quality and efficiency.
(4)Max.Unwind Dlameter and Max.Rewind Diameter:1200mm
(5)Rewinder adopt non-stop duplex exchanging system,highly improved the coating quality and production capacity.
(6)A11 big domestic double side tape manufacturer have purchased our equipments,such as:
Zhongshan Crown Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd                                      -5sets
Crown(Tsicang)Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd                                           -1set
Dongguan Wangli Adhesive Technology CO.,Ltd                               -3sets
Jiangmen Qianyang Adhesive Science & T6chnology CO.,Ltd..     -3sets
Guangzhou Jinghua Technology Co.,Ltd.                                            -1set
Shanghai Yongguan Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd                                   -6sets

3.Technical Parameters

Model HF-D50
Coating Width 1100-1200-1600mm
Coating Weight 10-200g/m2
Coating Speed 220m/min
Max.Unwind Diameter 1200mm
Max.Rewind Diameter 1200mm
EPC 2 Sets
Length 23000mm
Height 2000mm
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