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Special carton packing and carton packing equipment
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
      Carton packaging has made great progress with its own unique advantages. First of all, the carton packaging gives an orderly, safe and reliable impression, with a natural flavor, easy to open, convenient taking, simple processing, especially in the transmission product brand name and natural flavor above is more effective; secondly, carton packaging will emit a feeling of pleasure: warm, breathable, even the smell of. Make the product look not by packaging constraints, but also the surface film layer, and solid color light effect; in particular, in certain cultural atmosphere, is the ideal packaging: advanced products complement each other, each other.
      Hot melt sealing machine series products is the company's "sustainable development" strategy, the latest research and development of green products introduced, instead of banding, tape and other traditional packaging forms of carton sealing box facilities. This series of products using biodegradable hot-melt adhesive as no pollution, with environmental protection, high bonding strength, sealing effect is good, to avoid the phenomenon of box packing tape in transit; strengthen the overall strength of packaging carton, carton reduced deformation breakage rate; suitable for export packaging requirements; disposable packaging. After opening the box, to recover recovery, the maximum guarantee of the original product, eliminate fake products give you trouble.
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