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Hot melt coating machine is an ideal tool for the replacement in composite industry
From:Haofan   Date:2017-08-10
     Hot melt coating machine is a kind of 100% soluble polymer without solvent and moisture included. solid at room temperature, it will flow and be viscous liquid adhesive after heating and melting to a certain extent. It usually contains a composite part when coating on the substrate, and can put substrate composite together with the coating substrate.
     According to insiders, it needs an oven when traditional solvent-based and water-based adhesive cures, that covers large workshop space and costs great energy. In addition, producing much waste water and sludge is not good to environment protection and human health. With improvement of people’s environmental awareness and relevant laws established, its application is decreasing at a certain rate annually due to its big impact on environmental pollution. But water type glue has the disadvantages of poor water resistance, bad electrical characteristics, long drying time and large energy consumption, and its application is decreasing year by year.
     Compared with two traditional forms , hot melt coating machine has the advantages of stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, high production speed and yield, small occupied area and low investment etc. Its working principle is that solid hot melt adhesive melted, then glue is changed into liquid glue through pressure device and coat on the substrate after sent to glue coating device. It is a kind of electromechanical equipment with precise temperature control function, fluid pressure transmission function and extrusion coating function. Besides, it has the function of automatic control and tracking of production line speed.
     Because of effective solution to the inherent shortcomings of the traditional process, hot melt coating machine is an ideal production tool for the replacement in coating and composite industry. Experts indicate that it the future trend about hot melt coating machine in replacement of solvent-based adhesive.
     With the development of automation and intelligent technology, intelligent control is more and more widely used in the control mechanism of automatic hot melt coating machine, which is mainly mainly based on fuzzy logic control theory.
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